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I think about how fun it was to have my pictures taken. I have never had that many pictures taken of myself before. When I view my pictures I feel WOW what grat pictures. I feel proud to be able to have had such a wonderful senior photo experience.Olivia Eads

When I look at Olivia's pictures I feel poud of her. I think those pictures show how very beautiful she is. I think the biggest feeling I have is how thankful I am that she is my daughter.Bunnie Eads

They take fantastic pictures and are really nice! You'll have fun getting your pictures don with them.Jackie Londino

All of the photos are natural and unposed! My whole family has gotten their pictures done here.Sarah Fox

The Wyants are friendly, caring people who take amazig pictures. They are wonderful photographers and people. It was an easy choice to select them for my senior pictures.Laura Strawmeyer

They are amazing and different. The Wyant's pictures make you stand out and look naturally gorgeous!Ashley Espey

It's a lot of fun to take pictures with the Wyants! I really liked the way the pictures look, the session was a lot of fun.Natasha Stephens

They take great pictures and hlep you choose ones you look best in. They are awesome!Kristine Oyler

Wyant is the best in the business. They know what they're doing and do it in a fun, interesting and intelligent way!Nick Cummings

Wyant is wonderful! They take such great shots and are so friendly and easy to work with. Their Country Harmony location is so beautiful, and gives so many opportunities for great photos.Laura Austin

They make my daugther and I feel very comfortable. They spend so much time making sure the little details were right. My daughter felt very special and the photos were amazing.Julie Russo

Definitely go to Wyant's! Because they are warm, friendly, laid back, took their time, even knew how to fix my daughters hair! Very Professional!Lisa Evans

Wyant is wonderful! They take such great shots and are so friendly and easy to work with. Their Country Harmony location is so beautiful, and gives so many opportunities for great photos.Canssandra Austin

Variety of settings, made me feel very comfortable, a lot of fun!Brady Sage

I felt comfortable there and felt like Jim and Lois took a lot of time to get great shots of me.Hillary Deardorff

Very creative with poses, prope, exposure and lighting. Lot's of time spent, not rushed at all.It was so fun and I felt comforable thre like I could really be myself which was reflected in my pictures.Natali Daumeyer

Jim and Lois were freindly and welcoming and I wasn't there for hours rotating between different photographers.Scott Kibbe

Jim is really fun, great pictures and poses, great scenery. Jim will make yo come out of your shell.Courtney Scott

The photos are so flattering and there is a ton of variety between them. The surroundings are gorgeous and you actually have fun while shooting the photos. The smiles in the pictures are real.Olivia Burkholder

I felt like I was a work of art while my pictures were being taken. There was so much attention to even the littlest of details. I knew my pictures would turn out great. The Wyants are really great people and taking my pictures was fun.Tessa Wilkerson

Intuitive photographer, relaxed, pleasant professional, and memorable event, Lois is super on top of details and helpful, great setting.Keaton Brown

You have many options to choose from, the pople are friendly and the outdoor space is beautiful.Rachael Fox

Jim and Lois are so nice! They made the picture experience really fun, and I love the way my pictures turned out! It was so hard to choose - I like them all! Audrey Leech

They're professional and friendly and reasonably priced.Katie Himes

Amazing professional photography with a caring personal touch that lets true personality shine through and look gorgeous too!Chelsea Alexander

They made me feel like it's all about me. And the pictures turned out awesome!Kimber Smith

When I look at my senior portrait I think how could I really be a senior, getting ready to go to college?I remember my long hair and my dog patiently posign in pictures with me. I also remember the fun time I had even thought the previous week was a disaster. I feel anxious. I don't know what lays ahead but looking at my senior portraits I realize I felt the same way entering high school and I still made it through my senior year without too many obstacles. My senior portraits remind me of days gone by and all my accomplishments so far.Kylie Evoy

I fell happy and pretty when I look at my pictures.Sarah Benedict

I think about myself becoming an independent woman who is ready to move forward in my life. They also remind me of my past memories and the adventures that are to come.I honestly llaugh with the memories that come back to me whenever I look at them. They are good memories and I also had an amazing time taking the pictures. I had never done anything like that and it was really fun being able to work with the Wyants. I actually have some really amazing pictures of my horse and me now, and I appreciate all of your patience with my horse. it really means a lot to me to be able to capture my love for him and horses on film. Like they alway say a picture is worth a thousand words!The pictures remind me of what I am becoming, a woman who wants to pursue her dreams and has also set a foundation in my recent years. I feel good about my past and the path that I am heading down.Ashley Steele

I think that it was the first time that I ever had fun having my picture taken! The beautiful scenery and how nice the Wyants were to me. When I look at my senior portraits, I feel incredibly pleased with how well they truned out.Sarah Harshberger

When I look at my senior portraits, I am so glad I chose Wyant Photography. I see the pictures as a grea representation of this time in my life. They don't just capture an image, but they give a glimpse of my personality as well. When I went to the studio, I brought my own outfits and ideas about my senior protraits. The Wyants were able to capture everything I wanted and incorporate the artisitc flare of a true photogorapher.Though the pictures are very professional, I remember feeling completely at ease during the session. I could tell how much the Wyant's cared about each senior and I didn't feel like I was on a time schedule at all.Corey Bright

When looking at my senior portraits I think back to the day when my pictures were taken and I am so happy that I chose Mr. Waynt to be a part of my senior year experience.I remember how comfortable I was on the day of shooting my senior portrait and how Jim made me feel so relazed and excited about my pictures. I feel as though the past four years of high school have gone extremely fast and it is very nice to look back at a time I never want to forget and never will because I have these wonderful portraits to look back on.Ashley Espey

I really love my senior portaits because it really shows the real me and it isn't fake at all. I rememver feeling really comfortable with Jim. He let me pick my backgroudns and how I wanted to pose. He was really helpful and friendly.I dont' think I would have gotten better senior picrures anywhere! They gave me all the time I needed and there was no rush. The Wyant's wanted my pictrues to be something I would alsway love to remember.Megan Markusfeld.

I was able to express myself and how much fun the photo shoot was. I remember the great time during the photo shoot and I remember my sister complaingin that my pictures were better than hers. I feel taht I was able to express myself in different ways, and I feel great knowing that my senior pictrues look amazing.John Paul

When I first saw my senior pictures, I couldn't believe how amazing they looked! The Wyant's did an incredible job of capturing my personality, and I am so glad I chose them for my senior pictrues. They made them the best they could possible be!Parige Morris

When I look at my senior portrait it bring back memories of high school and things that I have done with friends over the last four years. I remember from the picture shoot that Mr. Wyant was helpful making the pictures easy and fun. He made it a low stress environment and really worked with me to make me as comfortable as possible. When I look at my senior portraits I have many feelings that come over me. I have feelings of happiness because of all the memories that I have acquired over time. There is also a sense of relief because of how well my shoot went and how much fun my senior year has been.Craig

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